18 September 2005

Two New LDS (Mormon) Blogs

I found two new blogs today, thanks to Peggy's site. They are both LDS ex-pats.

Midwest Mormon in the Mid-East is almost exclusively about the Book of Mormon, but with other interesting tidbits about life as a Mormon mother of a Muslim family.

My House has Many Mansions is more general about a family who recently moved to Germany.

I think I'm going to track down a few more ex-pat sites.


  1. Just keep 'em comin', hon.

  2. I am so dumb. What is ex pats?

  3. Expatriats. Basically, it's someone who doesn't live in their native country.

  4. Unfortunately "my house" is shutting down. Her husband isn't too keen on the idea of a blog with personal info. We could write her and help her understand anonymous blogging. She'd still be able to blog but in code like the rest of us.

  5. I noticed that she was closing down this morning. I certainly understand the concerns with blogging, but it seems that it is possible to make it reasonably anonymous.

  6. thanks for the mention. I'll post your link on my site when my tech-savvy married daughter comes over to visit.

  7. Thanks Amira, I probably should have known that.

    I worry about my blogging too. I have stopped caring though, because it is a sanity thing for me.

    My husband is often irritated and quite appalled.

    I should be more... code like.

  8. I am so not code-like. :)

    I'm another expat LDS blogger with a twist - I'm married to a Muslim. :) We live in Sri Lanka, where lived most of his life.

    Anyway, just found your blog today and have started reading & enjoying it.

  9. Nice to meet you, Laurie! I loved reading some of what you've written. I would LOVE to visit Sri Lanka. I did have trouble accessing your blog though. Is that just me, or should I not try again?