19 September 2005

Things I Would Bring to KG Next Time

Or at least things that would have been nice.

Good knives
Teflon frying pan
Dish drying rack
More clothespins and hangers
Clothes drying rack
More plastic wrap and plastic bags
Small plastic containers

I'm sure I could find many of these things here. But getting them home with two children on a minibus when I don't know much Russian makes it not quite worthwhile going out and looking. It's not like I can call and ask if someone has something. You have to trot yourself to the store to look yourself.

But I do have lots of handy things, like a microwave, a water heater, and a washer. I really am rather lucky.


  1. Oh, yeah, I remember the days. The first time I moved to Pakistan it was sooo hard to find the basic necessities. The second time we moved there I really over compensated. Five years later I still have unused bed sheets, towels and bathmats. You learn to make do or do without for a lot of things. I've heard the consumer goods in CA are even rarer and more costly than in PK since they have to be trucked in and charged duty at each country they cross. I know Kazakhstani diplomats who load up on goods to take back home each time they return. I always found that hilarious/sad since I gauged consumer goods in PK to be such poor quality over-priced garbage.

  2. I have to agree that the quality of a lot of things isn't really good. We've been fine with what we have (and it's a lot more than almost everyone here has) but next time (and I hope there is a next time) I'll have a better idea of what to bring.

  3. I love, really love this dialog.