03 September 2005

Hooray! We have internet access at home. This is s-l-o-w dialup, but it will do.

We bought piles of delicious fruit today. Fresh apricots are still available, along with a huge variety of other fruits an vegetables. I managed to find some cracked wheat(!) and there is plenty of rice to be had. We've found places that sell good milk, cheese, and meat. My picky older son has found some things he'll eat, and there is a tandoor bakery a few steps from our house. I feel like we're getting a handle on eating here.

I also had someone clean the apartment today. Quite an odd experience to come home to a clean bathroom, fresh sheets, and mopped floors. I could get used to this. :) The girl who cleaned is a student at a university and the sister of our very helpful apartment manager. Sure, I could clean myself- I've been cleaning all my life. But the little bit we pay to have the apartment cleaned goes a lot way to providing someone with a good education.

When I was in the Middle East, I was a lot pickier about trying to save money and not paying for things that I could do myself, even when it only was a few cents people were asking for. I've realized that I was being unreasonable then, and, while I'm not going to hire a driver, a cook, and a full-time housekeeper, I have been better about compensating people for their services since there is no comparison between my financial status and that of most of the people in this country.


  1. Amira, I am so glad you are settling in. Wow, I had no idea there would be fruits in abundance. I guess I have a lot to learn. And Yay for internet access at home! What types of things are available in the bakery.

    I am glad to hear you have a housekeeper part time. It will help her and give you more time to enjoy the the country. I think it will be a great trade.

  2. Oh, there is plenty of fruit here. Of course, there are parts of Central Asia that are quite dry, like the US, but between the rivers and irrigation, there is quite a bit of farming here.

  3. I know what you mean about being picky to save money--I'm afraid that's been my mindset. You open my heart to the possibilities should I go abroad again.