28 September 2005

Food and Such

They sell incredible ice cream here. Almost every little store has a freezer full of ice cream. An ice cream bar usually costs around 25 cents. We've been taking advantage of that.

The bread is also very good. There is a tandoor oven very close to our house. I've been trying to replicate tandoor breads ever since I came back from the Middle East, so to have a tandoor bakery within steps of my house is great. A loaf costs 5 som, or about 12 cents. The authors of my favorite flatbread book wrote this article about making your own tandoor bread.

I can get most fruits and vegetables right around my house, except peaches. I bought a kilo each of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and carrots for $1.25.

I've not been able to find skim or 1% milk, but I hear it's available at some of the big grocery stores. I can get 2.5% instead of whole milk though. The hard cheese costs about the same as it does in the US, although there isn't any cheddar. A man (we call him the ayran man) comes around every day selling milk, sour cream, and yogurt in front of all the apartments. We don't buy it since it's not pasteurized. We use kefir now instead of plain yogurt since I haven't been able to find any here. I miss yogurt. I'm hoping to get starting on making my own again when I have a starter.

We do have to boil all our water, and I also filter our drinking water. It got old quickly, but I've gotten more organized and it doesn't annoy me anymore.


  1. How expensive is meat? What is the quality of the fruit? Is the milk pastuerized?

  2. Yes, meat...any news about the bird flu that got into the country?

  3. Thank you Amira! this is exactly the kind of stuff I love to read about. I was also amazed by the pictures in and about Bishkek. What a great opportunity you have!. This certainly helps with alleviating the problem of fear of traveling a lot of people have spoken to you about.

    Also... I've tagged you for a meme. Check my blog for the rules to the 23rd blog. I didn't pick on anyone else in our circle as to save people for you to pick on!

  4. I haven't heard anything about bird flu here. We don't eat much meat, and what we do eat is at restaurants, so I don't know about the prices, but I have been told that it is good quality and very inexpensive.

    You can get pasteurized milk at the grocery stores. It comes in bags, which isn't really convenient, since I can't find a plastic pitcher here. Glass pitchers break too easily.

    The produce is good quality. It's all local and very fresh. Since there's no refrigeration for the produce, you can tell very easily if it's good.