04 September 2005

Flying foreign airlines is an interesting experience especially when you don't know the rules of the game. We definitely didn't know the rules on Turkish Airlines.

First, you don't bring two pieces of luggage. You bring as many small shopping bags as you can carry. You also have to maneuver yourself to be first in line, no matter when you showed up at the airport. There is no boarding by zone or anything like that.

You also shouldn't try to put your two pieces of luggage each, if you were crazy enough to bring them on board, in the overhead compartments because they will be filled with all the small shopping bags that could easily fit under the seat in front of you. If you do try to put your luggage overhead, be prepared for a small riot when you touch anyone else's shopping bags.

When the plane lands, you should completely disregard the fasten seat belt signs. The goal here is to get to the front of the plane as quickly as possible. This makes sense, since the Bishkek airport has only 4 people checking passports for the two hundred people on the flight. And check the passports they do. It took over two hours to get through that line.

But, if you know all these rules, you can have a rather pleasant flight from Istanbul to Bishkek.


  1. Ah. And jsut why you didn't think of a thousand shopping bags, is completely unbelieveable. *chuckle*

    Goodness. Did the kiddos do okay?

    Thank you for the information! I will certainly keep that in mind@

  2. Cool information. Reminds me of flying to India, but India didn't have the shopping bags.

  3. "Thank you for flying TurkishAir. Shopping bags can be located at ay of the convenient vendors as you approach the airport."

    And to think my family makes fun of me for saving good quality Whole Foods and Trader Joe's bags. They just don't know I'm headed for Turkish Airlines!