29 September 2005

Another Meme

chronicler tagged me for the 5th sentence meme. And I'll do this one too. My fifth sentence in my 23rd post said, "Why would we want to spend our time doing anything else?"

I was specifically referring to the things we'd be doing at Christmas, but this is pretty much the way we run our lives. Why would we want to live in the US when we can live in Kyrgyzstan for a year? We're still US citizens with all the benefits no matter where we live. Why send my children to school when we can have lots of fun at home and learn a lot in the process? Why fill up my day with commitments when I like to be at home? Why shouldn't we spend lots of time at the orphanage playing with charming babies?

This is why I like to be a mother. I get to choose what I spend my time doing. I think I have far more control over my day than my husband does. Sure, there are things I have to do that I don't like, but I rarely have someone telling me what to do and when I need to do it. A lot of people seem to think that being a mother means that you lose control over your life. And you do, when you have a baby. But children aren't babies forever, even though it seems like they might be when they're 6 weeks old. You won't be changing diapers or nursing a baby forever (and really, no one spends all their time changing diapers, even the women at the orphanage taking care of 12 babies). And there certainly are benefits to babies- how about all that reading time while you're nursing? But overall, I feel like I'm in control here.

So, nope, we don't choose to do things differently. And I'm glad we have the choice.

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  1. I knew it would be great! What a great line to have to reflect upon. It is this attitude that draws me to you and your family Amira. Life is an adventure! At least for some it is. You and yours have chosen to strike your own path and go against a well formed grain of American society. I admire your choices and the willingness to "give it a try" attitude. Maybe it isn't an attitude at all, it could be they eyes you use to see the world. The possibility of it all. Greta post. Thank you.