31 August 2005

We Made It!

We've arrived safely in Bishkek and are starting to settle in nicely. Today is Kyrgyz Independence Day and we went to Ala-Too Square to watch the parade.

Bishkek really is a beautiful city because it is filled with trees. It seems that there are more trees here than the east coast of the US. It is a surprisingly quiet city, and generally quite clean. People are quiet and friendly.

We still don't have internet access at home, but I just wanted to check in quickly. I have lots of posts percolating in the back of my mind about the last few days.


  1. Woohoo! Congratulations on a safe journey. Welcome to Bishkek!

  2. I'm glad your travels were safe! Looking forward to some of those posts you've been mulling. I hope internet access isn't too much of a hassel.

    Your move is awakening our awarenss of the area in our geography studies (Asia, Central Asia for the next two months).

    Enjoy setting up your new home and getting into the rhythm of life.

  3. Glad you survived the flights!! That's a feat in itself. Can't wait to hear more about life in Bishkek (which we all can spell).

  4. Oh I am so glad to hear from you!

    We await to hear about your adventure.

  5. Oh I have missed your wrtings already! I am so glad to hear you are there and setting up house! Thanks for the update; and know we are sending hugs all around.

  6. So glad you made it there! I'm really looking forward to reading your impressions of Kyrgyzstan.