14 August 2005


It is amazing what a few lights can do to a stargazing experience. I knew I had things good in Idaho, but it wasn't till I tried to watch the Perseid meteor shower that I realized how much my hometown has changed since I was a little girl. I even thought it was cloudy because it took my eyes so long to adjust to the washed-out stars.

Add stargazing (even in Boise) to the easy homeschooling laws, mountains, snow, Yellowstone, and friendly people that Idaho offers. Really, who could ask for more? (Well, except diversity.)


  1. I felt bad the other day, when I told you how badly I hated Rexburg.

    I forgot to mention how many things I really did like about it.

    The frequent trips to Yellowstone. The beauty that is so close it is almost tangable.

    And stargazing out in the middle of vast potato fields near Rexburg.

    OH, and Dairy Queen was with in walking distance (at one point) *grin*

    Very beautiful skys...vistas and sunsets.

  2. Oh, Lisa, I didn't mind when you said you hated Rexburg. Lots of people have told me the same thing. And I didn't much like the town itself, necessarily. We've lived all over Idaho for the last 6 years, so it's Idaho in general that I like.

  3. Amira, your spirit feeds my soul. Thank you.

  4. Try SoCal for star gazing. It makes Snowflake that much more attractive! I can hardly wait to stay out all night for the Perseids in AZ!

  5. It's not even worth looking up in Southern California. Another reason why I can't quite imagine ever living there. :)

  6. SoCal isn't completely awful (at least our part) we had good views of HaleBopp, the occasional eclipse and a few showers. However, the Perseids are lacking for certain. It is fun to go out on a dark night (no moon) and look up to the sky with binoculars. You see some amazing space junk that way!

    We have also witnessed the fly over of the space shuttle on occasion, or a satellite on its way.