09 August 2005

Illegal Church Meetings

I've been interested in the discussion at Feminist Mormon Housewives about Not Ophelia's aunt and uncle who were not allowed to attend the temple since they were not interested in illegally attending church. I can't understand the reasoning behind this at all. Asking someone to do something blatantly illegal to go to the temple?

There is nothing wrong (I might be a little touchy about this right now :)) with having a private meeting at home when meeting with others is not allowed. There is no good reason to have illegal meetings that can threaten even the existence of the Church in some countries. In fact, the often the opposite is true- technically legal meetings are often not allowed when the legal status of the Church hasn't been worked out in a country. That's how it is in Kyrgyzstan right now. I'm appalled that anyone would think it's better to meet in an underhanded way with other members simply to say that you attend your meetings.

I know most people don't have a problem with private meetings. But still, it's always interesting to tell people we're going to try homechurching in addition to homeschooling. :)


  1. "There's nothing wrong with..."
    Who are you to say what's right and wrong? Did God give you almighty judging power to say that or is it just your opinion. Think about it before you let your mouth fly about things that you don't understand.

  2. I thought everything here was just my opinion. That's why I blog. :)

  3. Some of my favorite memories as a kid are having church services as a family in our home when church was cancelled.

    Aand I'm glad to see you have a sense of humor about the first comment. Maybe anonymous could enlighten us about what could be wrong about having a private meeting at home. I can't think of anything.

  4. anonymous, take a valium, hon. She has the right to her opinions. You who are too chicken---to post an opinion without posting your name. Huh, yeah, I respect that.