22 August 2005

I love the feeling when I go into a bookstore and am surrounded by thousands of books. I love to browse the new arrivals, history, world travel, architecture, children's, gardening, astronomy, poetry sections, and more. There are so many things I want to read about.

You know why I love homeschooling? I get to share that love of learning with the most important people in my life. Sure, I could do that even if they were in public school, but it's just not the same when children are gone most of the day. I wouldn't miss the excitment for anything.

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  1. My daughter not so long ago, asked. "If you had to live in a store, which one would it be."

    There never was even a consideration. "Barnes and Noble" of course.

    It is quite remarkable that people are quiet in bookstores. I have wondered if it is a carry over, from library etiquette or if it is a mere reverance for the power books contain.

    I should like to think the latter.