04 August 2005

Fanatic Family History

I've mentioned before that I love family history. But it's not something I'm fanatic about. I've met zealous family historians, and they scare me. Certainly anything can be taken too far, but family history seems to attract people who are rather susceptible to this.

I've known people who wouldn't go to the MTC to send their son on a mission because they were too busy with family history, fathers with full-time jobs and children at home who spend 5-7 hours a day (going on 8 years now) on family history, and people who absolutely refuse to share the research they've done. There are people that you avoid talking to about family history because you know you'll never get out of the conversation.

Why is this? Why do I have to be scared of the family history fanatics?

1 comment:

  1. Because anyone who is fanatic about anything is scary, no matter if that thing is good or not. Moderation in all things.

    My cousin got so wrapped up in family history that soon that's what the church became to him. He lost his testimony of other things -- if you're only doing family history, there isn't time to read your scriptures or fill your callings. And when his marriage fell apart he left the church.

    If you hit the same note on a piano over and over again, it makes for a very boring song.