19 August 2005


I think I've mentioned before that I love cemeteries, so spending the last two days at cemeteries in central Utah has been lovely. My husband has quite a number of ancestors there. We visited Ephraim, Mt. Pleasant, Fountain Green, Spring City, Nephi, Emery, and Huntington. We had good luck finding our ancestors (and lots of Madsens in the Mt. Pleasant cemetery).

Cemeteries all have their own style. I prefer the older ones that don't have lots of fancy new headstones, or ones in beautiful locations. The old Pioneer Cemetery in Ephraim, Utah is one of my favorites, along with Afton and Grover, Wyoming, and Swan Lake, Idaho.

A lot of cemeteries have their burials online now, or they have a directory at the city hall or somewhere at the cemetery itself. Even if there is no directory, it is pleasant to wander around a cemetery looking for a ancestor.

(I'm trying to be good and not write about Gaza again. If you distract me with cemetery stories, that will help, since I am rather cross about things right now.)

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  1. Amira!

    Oh my there is so much I want to discuss about Gaza. I too am a little "cross" right now about the subject.

    But Cemeteries, I could talk about that ALL day. *smile*

    My husband's father, and brother are burried in Nephi. My mother's family is burried in Aurora, UT.

    I agree. I LOVE the older cemeteries. The one in Aurora I think is lovely. That is where I will be burried. (Aurora is a small town, between Selina and Richfield) They just put new gate's that look sweeping in the entrance. You can see for miles in all direction and the sun and breeze always flow and shine there.

    I have some family in Huntington too. Which I thought was quite nice too, but have only been there twice.

    The Brigham City Cemetery, is surrounded by high beautiful lilac bushes. In the early spring they simply glow, their beauty abound. There are also large trees of all various different types growing through out the cemetery, so it is shady. It is more "modern" though, Lorenzo Snow is burried there, and it has been around since the city was settled. I just looks more "modern" to me.

    I think it is neat.neat.neat. That you are going to different sites. I lvoe that. I enjoy reading the stones and trying to discover the story behind the name on the marker.

    I am glad that you had good luck at the Mt. Pleasant cemetery. I have family burried there as well.

    Some of the last names I look for are; Taylor, Shaw, Stevens, and Langford.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!