23 August 2005

20 Crazy Mormons

It is estimated that there are 2,000 to 100,000 Muslim insurgents. This includes the most conservative and liberal estimates.

There are about 1.2 billion Muslims in the world.

There are about 12 million Mormons, which makes the math very easy.

Therefore, we simply need to find 20-1,000 militant Mormons, or people who call themselves Mormons (since anyone can call themselves a Muslim), and we can brand Mormonism a violent religion. How simple.


  1. Ah, Amira!

    your thoughts echo my own.

  2. After reading the posts at M* lately I think we've found them!

  3. That's a pretty good comment and should be considered. What worries me to some extent is our inability to really gauge or estimate the number of "fellow travelers" out there. Those who would never act violently themselves but still a silent cheer when something like 9-11 happens.

    This worry basically arises from the observation that those Muslims who are violent or non-violent still might be very angry about the same things -- Israel, American foreign policy, imperialism, colonialism, modernity, immorality, the war in Iraq, etc.

    I remember one day in Jerusalem I was in a Palestinian area. Three suicide-bombers had just simultaneously detonated themselves on Ben Yehudah street. Some Palestinian children were skipping, dancing and smiling widely in the street -- plainly very pleased at the attacks that had taken place.

    Were these children "violent Muslims"? I don't think I'd categorize them as such. But I'm still troubled by the joyous response to carnage.

    Of course Westerners and those of other religions or belief systems are just as capable of schadenfreude.

  4. I agree danithew, although I'm not convinced that those children were necessarily happy about the carnage. I think many Palestinians see suicide bombings as a way of asserting power over the Israelis since they feel completely powerless. I think fewer see it as a way of wiping out a few more Israelis.

    I do differentiate between religiously-inspired violence and violence that is motivated by the things you mention. I am much more frightened by religiously-inspired violence.

  5. Ah, yes indeed:) Lovely analogy.