20 July 2005

Sort of Here

We're back for a bit- but blogging will still be light because now we're packing. I've only just started and I'm already tired of it. I've never enjoyed packing, but this time is particularly bad. Why bother putting all this stuff in boxes only to leave it in a storage unit for who knows how long?

I really was hoping the house would have burned down while we were gone.

But, in cheerier news, we had a good time in Washington, as always. And I thoroughly enjoyed Harry Potter. It made the flight home quite nice.


  1. I can sympathize: I HATE packing. My house is so disorganized right now, and I'm fairly swimming in boxes. Sigh. At least I'll get to unpack in 3 weeks... I hated packing to go to a storage unit; trying to decide what goes and what stays.

    Good luck!

  2. Well, I decided that at least I should be happy that I don't have to unpack on the other end. It ALL goes in the storage unit this time (or to DI).

  3. OH Amira! I can't imagine! Maybe we all should do this? Pack as if we are leaving, just to get rid of the "junk" I don't envy this part of your task at hand, but I am quite envious of your endevor.

    You are in our prayers.