10 July 2005

Presidential Elections

The elections in KG will take place tomorrow (well, they'll be about done be tomorrow morning in our time zones). The next few days could make the difference in whether we're able to go. We're hoping for a peaceful outcome and one that will allow more stability and freedom for Kyrgyzstan.

Here are some links:

Outlook for Kyrgyzstan is bad, whoever wins at polls

Kyrgyzstan Approves 80 Foreign Poll Observer Groups, Rejects CIS Monitors

Transcript of debates

Uzbek refugee issue to pose an immediate post-election test for KG

Will a mandate for stability come with Bakiev's probable election?

Not an easy future for the new leader

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  1. Are you there yet, Amira? I would love to hear a travelogue. Although I know it would be very hard to accomplish. Do you have a laptop? You could e-mail us, or post, I mean, from all the places you go to.