28 July 2005

Living in Idaho

We moved to Idaho six years ago and have loved living here. It is sad to think of leaving here, maybe forever, in a couple of days. Idaho is a much more interesting state than a lot of people think. It's a lot more than potato fields, Republicans, and wackos in the north (you might say the Republicans are the wackos, but northern Idaho is much less Republican than the rest of the state).

But the thing I like most about Idaho is the quiet and the slower pace. Even Boise is relatively quiet and slow compared to other states' major cities. This was glaringly obvious after our stay in Washington a few weeks ago. I remember the feeling when we lived in New Jersey.

I am a Western girl. The East is exciting and I'd be happy living there, even for an extended period of time (my one gripe about the West is the lack of diversity, but even in Idaho, we've enjoyed the company of Saudis, Uzbeks, Ukrainians, Palestinians, and Mongolians), but my heart will always be here with the mountains, the geysers, the green valleys, the red rock, and the black lava of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. This is where I belong.


  1. Only two more days before you leave? I wish you a safe trip, Amira, and look forward to reading your posts again once you're situated in your new locale.

  2. I grew up in the midwest, but I love the west, too. When we moved back west I loved the feeling I had as the mountains started to come into view. There's a feeling when you're in the west. I love living here.

    I hope your travels are safe and uneventful and you get settled in quickly (and have time to blog!).

  3. We'll still be in the US for a few more weeks. Just not here in Idaho. But I have no idea how long it will take to get internet access once we leave. I'm hoping my husband will at least have access at one of his universities quickly. But that's questionable too. I think lots of things in KG are iffy. :)