10 June 2005

Two Short Things

It's not a very pleasant feeling to get caught in a snowstorm with two children when you're nearly a mile from your car. The snow was falling fast enough and the wind was blowing hard enough that if I hadn't known my way around the Upper Geyser Basin well, it would have been tricky to get back to the car safely. But I did discover that my younger doesn't complain nearly as much about walking when he has a definite purpose in mind. (Apparently getting back to the car before you freeze is a good reason to keep walking.)

As always, when you see something about Central Asia on CNN.com, go get the real scoop on Registan.com or at least BBC. Today was particularly bad. An article about an assassination of a Kyrgyz lawmaker was accompanied by a picture of Akayev, the former president. The person who was assassinated was not mentioned for several paragraphs. Registan also has more information about CNN's "asylum handover shock."

1 comment:

  1. I am glad you survived the snowstorm. *smile* I am thinking you needed a thermos of warm chocolate. *Grin*

    Secondly, I refuse to get any sort of news from CNN about anything. Yipes. Thanks for the heads up, about where to get the "real" story. Perhaps someday we will have somewhat responsible reporting in the US (it is doubtful though)