25 June 2005

Just to Clarify...

We're not leaving the country till August. But we're pretty unsettled till then, so that's why blogging might not be very consistent around here.


  1. We know you are here, listening. We would like to help you prepare.

    This is going to be an incredible journey. For us all.

  2. I'm so stupid, I put this over at Conversation, but that book, The Secret Journal of Brett Colton, was a pretty good book. I've only read one other work of LDS fiction I enjoyed.

  3. Thanks, annegb. I think I'll give that book a try. What was the other LDS fiction you liked?

    And thanks, Lisa.

  4. You know, I thought you weren't leaving unitl August. I wish there was something to do to help. I'm excited for the adventure - even if it's a vicarious journey for myself and others reading along:)