14 June 2005


I am very tired of booking airline tickets. And I haven't even found anything that will us to Kyrgyzstan yet. Since the US government is paying for the trip to KG (thank you!), we're required to fly on a US airline. There are not a lot of US airlines that are interested in flying to Bishkek. Therefore, the ones that do fly there are significantly more expensive. This wouldn't be a problem except that we're only getting money for three of us to fly even though there are four people in the family. So we're trying to fly four people on a generous allotment for three people and it's not working very well. I'd still like to stop in at least London and hopefully Spain and Istanbul on the way there. I'm running out of hope for Spain and Istanbul.

Of course, there are some foreign air carriers that I'm not in the least interested in flying on. Aeroflot out of Russia has a real flair for crash landings. Maybe they've improved in the last few years.


  1. we flew on aeroflot to and from russia. the one coming back was a much nicer plane, as it was for americans, but oh boy! the one on the way over was very different!

  2. Have you looked at flying west on an open one-way ticket fare? You book a fare and can travel at your lesiure around the world - going west (no back tracking). It rules out Europe for you on the way there - but if the ticket is open ended, and depending on the time frame, with this option you could travel back to the states through Europe.

    Check with a travel agent that specializes in world travel packages.

    Can you combo travel on the three tickets? As in fly to London, cruise the Mediterranean, and fly from Istanbul? Pricey for your fourth family member, but another option.

  3. We wanted to fly east now because our friends in London and Spain might not be there next summer. We hoped to continue on goinging east next summer to visit another friend in Mongolia who will only be there in 2006.

    What we really need to find is a travel agent that understands that exceptions to the rules for flying on American carriers.

    I've seriously considered flying to London, then onto to Spain, then crusing to Istanbul. I'd love that option. Taking the train is sort of out right now because Uzbekistan isn't really safe to travel through right now (or at least, that's what I hear).

    Thanks for your suggestions.

  4. Oh Amira,

    Don't ride the train through Uzbekistan YIPES. Pray, pray again and then pray again.

    aeroflot- Yipes.

    I of course don't have a dang bit of advice! I just love that you are sharing this with us! Thank you.

  5. Why is the government buying the tickets?

    You guys are really international travelers. You live in a very different world than I do.

    Good luck on the tickets, no clue.

  6. annegb, my husband got a Fulbright grant, so that means the US Government pays for everything. We couldn't afford it any other way. :)