02 May 2005

Roses in Central Asia

I've mentioned before that I love roses. One of my favorite things is to stumble on wild roses in the mountains. There are several variety of roses that originated in Central Asia and there is evidence that the rose itself originated there.

The most interesting article I found about roses in Central Asia was on farmers in Afghanistan switching from growing opium poppies to roses. I'm looking forward to getting to know some new roses in Kyrgyzstan.

A few of my favorite books on roses are:

Roses by Peter Beales (out of print)

100 Old Roses For The American Garden by Clair Martin

100 English Roses for the American Garden by Clair Martin


  1. Roses are one of the things I want to grow when we move. I'd love to have a small section of the garden just for roses. I recently read an article about some super roses out there. They have the loveliest scents and will do well in potpourri. I can hardly wait.

  2. Porpourri is one of my favorite things to do with roses. I've got lots of supplies for drying roses and making potpourri that I've toted all over the country waiting for us to have a garden for more than one summer.

    It's sometimes hard to find roses that are very fragrant, but they're becoming much more common. The scent is more important to me than the color. You are very lucky to be able to have a rose garden!