23 May 2005

The Great Wall of China

I have long wanted to see the Great Wall of China and I hoping that we can see it while we're in the area. I'd like to travel through Western China partly by train, going at least as far as Jiayuguan to see the Great Wall and ideally continuing the journey through Mongolia and to Lake Baykal.

Jiayuguan is generally considered to be the westernmost point of the Great Wall. The Overhanging Great Wall is in the area and there are sections of the wall in the Jiayuguan Pass. If we can go by train, we will also be traveling along the Silk Road through Kashi, Urumqi, and Turfan.

It is a common misperception that the Great Wall can be seen from the moon, or by a shuttle orbiting the earth, or some other variation. Actually, no manmade structure can be distinguished from the moon, and quite a number can been seen from earth's orbit/ The Great Wall is actually difficult to see from earth's orbit because it is made of mud and rock and looks pretty much the same as the surrounding areas.

Have any of you been to the Great Wall of China? What other parts of China shouldn't be missed?

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