24 April 2005


I made it to Yellowstone today. I toted the boys along in the stroller. Yes, they really are too big for it, but they don't have quite the same interest in Yellowstone that I do. So they had to be dragged part of the day. The bison weren't too obliging either (although I didn't try putting any of them in the stroller).

We had a good time. Our luck wasn't quite as good as it was the last time we went because Daisy and Grand were both erupting just as we got there. We saw Grand through the trees and the steam from Daisy. And while we were in the middle of the Upper Geyser Basin, Beehive went off and we missed it. The road to Great Fountain and White Dome is still closed.

The weather was lovely too. And we saw lots of geysers. Just not the big ones. Hopefully our timing will be a bit better next time.


  1. Thanks for the Yellowstone/Geiser Tour, these are great pics.

    Hmmm...you certainly have an interesting erm, "fetish" with geisers. I love it!

  2. You'll just have to come to Yellowstone before we leave here and I can show you around. :)