22 April 2005

Yellow House

And, while I'm in the picture mode, here is our house in Boise. I am missing it a lot as Spring is starting. My lilacs would be starting to open soon, the daffodils and crocuses would be blooming, my weeping tree would have beautiful blossoms, and my roses that only bloom once a year would be starting to grow.


  1. Oh my goodness, what a cute house! I can't imagine leaving such a nice little place. Will you keep it while you are gone so you have something wonderful to come back to? ;)

  2. Well, we already had to sell it. This was our last house before we moved to eastern Idaho. We did not buy a house when we moved here because I knew I couldn't sell another house. And now, it's a good thing.

    Maybe someday we'll live in a place where we could build a house again.

  3. Adorable! I love lilacs too. I'm sure your boys will retain some wonderful family centered memories of each place you reside. The next move is most exciting - and challenging. I wonder if your home and living standards will be tested even more than past experiences living abroad - sans kiddos. I imagine your children may be more, erm, vocal in the home creature comforts replaced by the wonders and cultural of their new surroundings. Aren't you glad there is more to family than home? Your amazing as usual.

  4. My mother brought me some lilacs when she came to visit this week. That helped a lot. The lilacs won't be out here for several more weeks.

    This will be an entirely difference experience going overseas with children. That is making me significantly more nervous. I'm glad they'll be old enough to remember it a little though.