03 April 2005

Who Are You?

I've been reading Third Culture Kids (about children who live in a different culture from their parents') and discovering all the ways we can mess up our children by having them live in another country. I'll have to check out a book that tells you all the ways you can mess them up right here to balance things. Anyway, that really isn't the point of the book. It has been quite interesting to read, and many of the issues they've talked about are ones my husband and I have dealt with. My husband actually is a TCK because he lived in Germany for three years; some of the issues brought up in the book have helped me understand better why I've never felt like I fit in.

I'm sure I'll have more to write about this book. Today, I wanted to point out an interesting quote: "People who are determined to prove who they are not rarely go on to discover who they are."

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