16 April 2005


I just wanted to thank you all for being so encouraging with our trip to Kyrgyzstan. We've gotten good suggestions for a variety of things here regarding many different aspects of going and it's been so helpful.

It's been funny to tell people here in our small Idaho town of our plans (well, I guess for Idaho it's a rather large town). The number one reaction is simply, "Oh," with nothing else said about it. Some do manage to ask where it is. My husband has better luck when he's talking to men. I don't expect much certainly, but it has been interesting.

So, thanks for your encouragement and interest. It's nice to know that I finally will have a move where I won't lose touch of some friends since I only know you through the internet anyway.


  1. When will you be moving?

  2. Amira, I just want to say I love reading your blog and I'm excited for you and I'm glad you'll have internet access in Kyrgyzstan because I can't wait to hear about your experiences there.