09 April 2005

Tae Kwon Do

We're a TKD family. My husband and older son had belt tests today. We have an excellent instructor here. The thing I will most regret leaving is TKD. It has been so good for older son. Younger son wishes he were 5 so he and I could start too.

If older son had been a girl, he still would be in TKD. There are fewer girls than boys at our TKD school. Most people wherever we have lived have their girls in dance classes or something like that. TKD teaches girls everything that a dance class can (self-confidence, self-control, discipline, etc.) with self-defense added in. Who can argue with that?

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  1. The hardest part is getting the girls interested in the martial arts. They're mostly interested in the "girly stuff". Genes, I guess. For a while there, they were (thanks Miss Piggy!), but they've gone back to dance classes. Megan has discovered, though, that she really doesn't like ballet. Maybe I'll suggest tae kwon do (or akido) in the fall again.