14 April 2005

Simple Tasty Things

About 4 Roma tomatoes
1 avocado
1 bunch of green onions (or less)
1-3 cloves garlic
Lemon juice
Crushed red pepper

Chop everything up and mix together. Eat with flatbread or homemade chips. It's okay to eat it all yourself before your husband comes home.

4 cups fruit
Plain yogurt (about 1 cup)
Lemon juice (I like lots)
Sugar if you're using a tart fruit
Whey or water to thin it down, if needed

Blend it all up.

Rice cereal
(I make a big pot that lasts a couple of days)
4 quarts boiling water
4 cups cracked brown rice (I mix in some brown basmati too)

Cook the rice in the boiling water, stirring every so often, till rice is cooked. Remove from heat and let sit to thicken some. Serve with cream and brown sugar.

Very Simple Salad
Mixed baby greens (fresh from the garden is best, but too often not available)
Crumbled feta cheese

Mix together.

Macaroni and Cheese
Cooked macaroni
Grated cheese

Mix together and eat it every day for lunch.

Yummy Toast
Homemade peach jam

What simple, delicious things do you like?


  1. My husband thinks they're gross, but I keep them in the freezer to pop every once in a while. I call them "healthy junk food" otherwise known as Peanut Butter Balls

    1/3 cup peanut butter
    1/3 cup honey
    dried powdered milk

    Mix PB and honey together and add enough powdered milk to make it thick enough to roll into balls. Freeze. Enjoy. (or not)

  2. fill a flour tortilla with lightly seasoned black beans, the best tomatoes you can afford and a little sharp cheddar, nothing else.


  3. Nutella. On really crunchy toast. Or heated in the microwave or on the stove just until melty with marshmallows

    Kalamata olive bread, goat cheese, tomatoes and a bit of red onion (Icould live on it)