14 April 2005

Russian and Kyrgyz

I got my new Russian textbook yesterday, The New Penguin Russian Course by Nicholas J. Brown, recommended by Andy at SiberianLight. It looks like it will be just what I need. Not too long, but not just for tourists. Thanks Andy! I've gone through the first 5 lessons quickly and I think the next five should also be fast. Then I'm hoping to do one or two lessons a week to finish the book before we leave. I'll have plenty of practice when we get to KG.

My husband is focusing more on learning Kyrgyz. We can't find anything that discusses Kyrgyz grammar, so we're hoping that we can apply Uzbek grammar to Kyrgyz words. We got a Kyrgyz dictionary to help us out there.

We also picked up some Central Asia travel books. After waiting for so many years to go to Central Asia, I can't believe that we'll be there in a few months.

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