12 April 2005

More International Moving Books

Notes from a Traveling Childhood: Readings for Internationally Mobile Parents & Children edited by Karen McCluskey- Another one about the trials of living overseas.

Unrooted Childhoods : Memoirs of Growing Up Global by Faith Eidse- I didn't even finish this one. Are parents really as out of touch with their children as this?

Moving Your Family Overseas by Rosalind Talb and Penelope Welsh- Not very helpful.

Expert Expatriate : Your Guide to Successful Relocation Abroad-Moving, Living, Thriving by Melissa Brayer Hess- This one has been the most helpful book about actually moving overseas. It addresses a lot of issues and viewpoints. Still, it discounts homeschooling. I really have been surprised at how few (none) of these books see homeschooling as a good option unless there are literally no other options.

I have hit my limit of these types of books. If I were doing this again or recommending them to someone else, I'd just read The Expert Expatriate and Third Culture Kids.

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