17 April 2005

More Book Talk

So, if you were off to a non-English-speaking country and you had to pay to ship any of your books (at $211 for 70 pounds unless you fill one of your children's suitcases with books), what would you take? Would you take your chances at finding books written in English in that rather foreign country?

I'd love to hear what books you'd take. I'm starting on a list of what I wouldn't care to be without for a year.

And, by the way, here is an interesting article about bookstores in Central Asia.


  1. just JohnnaApril 17, 2005

    That article by the librarian was very interesting, I wish there was a way to stabilize things under freedom.

    And it all differs from the romantic account my professor gave in the 1980s of buying periodicals from tables in Uzbekistan. He described how Uzbeks loved literature, would print periodicals whenever there was paper to do so, on a press run determined by how much paper they had. So, people selling periodicals from tables would have issues from the large press runs. People were not so concerned whether an issue was old or new.

  2. Haven't yet read the article, but here's my 2 cents on the book question...

    I think my 70 pounds of books would depend somewhat on whether I was likely to have internet access, or even reliable power for my computer. If the computer would be easily available, I could take a lot of older, out-of-copyright books (especially Project Gutenberg texts) along for free that way. Of course, you can't carry text files around with you unless you're also willing to bring along a printer and lots of paper and ink, so it's not ideal...

    I have no idea how I'd choose 70 pounds of books, though, even just for myself (much less for my whole family). Best of luck!

  3. I'll be able to ship the boys' books with the homescholing budget, and Daoud gets to ship 200 pounds of books for free. It's just me (the biggest reader in the family) who can't get the shipping paid for. Maybe I'll sneak a few into Daoud's boxes. He won't have anywhere near 200 pounds.

    I hadn't thought of online books. We will have decent internet access and a printer, so that might be an option.

  4. I would take a little of everything. Things I wouldn't mind reading and re-reading, a dozen or so never-read books, non-fiction textbooks, etc. (Personally, I'd be lost without Jane Austin, Bill Bryson and Robin McKinley. Have to take those.) Is there any way you can get access to an English-language library through the University there? I don't envy you having to choose. :)