13 April 2005

Loose Tooth

In honor of older son finally losing his first tooth last night (six months is a long time to wait for a loose tooth to come out!) we found out what children do in some other countries when they lose a tooth. These come from Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions from Around the World by Selby Beeler.

In Kyrgyzstan you roll your tooth in bread and give it to an animal, preferably a mouse - they have healthy, sharp, white teeth and that is what you want too.

In the Dominican Republic your throw your tooth on the roof - maybe a mouse will come with a better one.

In Argentina you put your tooth in a glass of water. In the night a mouse, Ratoncito, comes. He drinks all the water and takes the tooth away but leaves coins or candy in the empty glass.

In Cameroon you throw your tooth over the roof, shouting, "Take this bad tooth and bring me a new one." Then you hop around the house on one foot and everyone laughs.

In Greece you throw your tooth on the roof for good luck and make a wish that your teeth will grow healthy and straight.

In Denmark you put your tooth under your pillow and the tooth fairy comes.

In Oman you face the sun and throw your tooth as far as possible while saying, "Oh mighty sun, take this tooth, play with it and do not forget to bring it back."

In Kazakhstan you drop your tooth under the bathtub and say, "Mouse, mouse bring me a new tooth please."

In Tajikistan you plant plant your teeth in the ground and they grow to be warriors.

In India you throw your tooth on the roof and ask the sparrows for a new one.

In Sri Lanka you close your eyes and say, "Squirrel squirrel, take this tooth and give me a new one." Then you throw your tooth on the roof and run into the house without looking.

In Malaysia you bury your tooth. It is part of your body and needs to be returned to the earth.

In Vietnam and Thailand you throw lower teeth on the roof and upper teeth under the bed.

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  1. How interesting that they mostly include the roof, or a mouse!