13 April 2005

Homeschooling in Kyrgyzstan and other KG Stuff

Squatters in Bishkek causing problems

There is a lot that needs to be done before we leave for Kyrgyzstan. The boys and I need passports. We still haven't figured out the best way to get to KG. We're seriously leaning towards driving to New York, then flying to London, Madrid, Istanbul, and Bishkek. However, we may not be able to leave Utah in time to do that, at least the driving to NYC. We have to get a laptop computer along with a portable printer. I need to throw away or give away a lot of stuff. It's not worth storing especially if we end up staying overseas afterwards or continue moving around the US.

I'm working on gathering homeschooling books now. The grant will reimburse us for more than I can spend on homeschooling (well, I could spend that much, but we don't need to) so for the first time cost isn't an issue. I know what I want for spelling, grammar, handwriting, math, and history. I'm not sure what to do about science and I'm concerned about having enough books around for the boys to read.

Lots to do... and I hate that feeling.


  1. For science, I would get _The Usborne Internet-Linked Science Encyclopedia_ because:

    (1) it covers just about every topic imaginable

    (2) you can use the internet links (if you have access?) to compensate for not having other living books and/or experiments. There are lots of links to simulations, etc.

  2. Oh, as for having enough books around to read--if money is no object, I'd buy up a bunch of those paperback kids' books that are 9-inch squares (if you know the kind I mean) because they are light and easy to pack. Sometimes, you can find a lot on ebay of 30+ Magic School Bus books for under 30$.

  3. I had forgotten about Usborne for science. That is a great suggestion, thanks.

    I think I'm just going to have to buy stacks of books and then pay more to ship them than they actually cost. They'll reimburse it, but it still is galling to me to spend that much mney on something. I'll probably end up leaving most of them there.

  4. If I had to do what you've done, with the ages of your boys, I'd bring this:

    My WTM book
    Saxon Math
    100 EZ
    SOTW 1-3 (4 if published)
    SOTW 1-3 AG

    I've come to find, everything else can be done on the net.


  5. Argh.
    I'd bring these...
    these, not this...

  6. Diane, we'll have internet access. It'll be the only reasonable way to keep in touch with our family while we're there.

    The list of homeschooling books I'm planning on taking is pretty similar to what you listed. I'm not really worried about school for the next year. The 3 R's will be our main focus.