29 March 2005


I've been thinking of different ways to get to Kyrgyzstan. We have all of August free, so we'll have a month to get there. There are several options.

1. Fly from California to Kyrgyzstan.

2. Drive across the US and visit friends and relatives in Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin (a little out of the way),Virginia, and Maryland. And of course, see how things are in Trenton. Then fly from NYC to Kyrgyzstan. Anyone in between Idaho and New York want a visit?

3. Take a transport cruise from California to Shanghai. Head up to Beijing to catch the Trans-Mongolian Railroad through Mongolia to Ulan Ude. Take the Trans-Siberian Railroad to Novosibirsk, then the Turkistan-Siberian to Bishkek.

3. Fly from SLC to London to visit a friend there, then fly to Cadiz, Spain to visit another friend. (Can I tell you how handy it is to have well-traveled friends? Too bad no one is in the Middle East right now.) Then travel from Cadiz to Moscow on the train, staying in hostels. From Moscow, take the Trans-Siberian Railroad to Novosibirsk, then take the Turkistan-Siberian Railroad to Bishkek.

4. A lot like option 3, but instead of heading towards Moscow, go to Baku, sail across the Caspian to Turkmenbashi, then take the Trans-Caspian Railroad to Bishkek.

I'm liking the third or fourth options best. Cadiz-Madrid-Barcelona-Marseille-Nice-Milan-Venice-Vienna-Prague-Warsaw-Riga-St. Petersburg-Moscow-Novgorod-Kazan-Perm-Yekaterinburg-Omsk-Novosibirsk-Tashkent-Almaty-Bishkek. Or, for option four, after Vienna, to Budapest-Odessa-Sevastopol-sail across the Black Sea to the Caucasus-Baku-Turkmenbashi-Ashgabat-Bukhara-Samarkand-Tashkent-Almaty-Bishkek.

Or what about this? From Cadiz, sail to Istanbul, train through Turkey and the Caucasus to Baku to sail across the Caspian to catch the Trans-Caspian Railroad.

There are far too many interesting places in the world to see.


  1. Please please PLEASE come to Austin. You can stay here. I'd love to meet you.

  2. We have a friend in Houston, so Austin might be a nice side trip. I'd love to meet you too.

  3. Shoot, if you're considering going to Texas, Arkansas isn't that much more out of your way... and I've heard that our sofa bed isn't too uncomfortable. :)

  4. I'd like to visit Arkansas, since I've never been there. Although Texas and Arkansas in August? I'd prefer April. We may end up in Oregon for a year before we go anywhere interesting anyway.