13 March 2005


It is always beautiful to hear this [the call to prayer], but at sunset in Cairo it is magnificent. Unlike the long, drawn-out desert dawns, sunset in Egypt is a brilliant and fleeting vision and it is then, the hour of departing day, that the minarets of
Cairo appear at their best: tall and slender silhouettes standing against the
flaming western sky. Then, as dusk ushers in the night, the minarets turn into
delicate tracery set against the stars, as later, in the deeper darkness as in
the light of day, the muezzins prepare to intone one more time the "perfect
summons" to the sleeping city: "Allahu Akbar ... Allahu Akbar..."

John Feeney, Saudi Aramco World, "The Minarets of Cairo"

Minarets and Domes of Cairo (photos)

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