23 February 2005

Observations and a Few Good Blogs

Talking to someone who agrees with you is relaxing.

Few people have heard of Kyrgyzstan.

It is never fun to be corrected. It is even less fun to be corrected for something you didn't say and don't even believe.

It is a blessing to have a mother-in-law who loves you.

Ariel Sharon is not a "former" settlement promoter.

Books can save your sanity.

I know these are over on the sidebar, but I do like these blogs:

my own private idaho
Mental Multivitamin
Itinerary for: Marlette and Guisseppe
Quiet Life
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  1. Thanks for the nod (again), Amira. I liked your observations, too. "Books can save your sanity." Heck, for some of us, books can save. Period. I wrote about this a while back. From this entry (http://mentalmultivitamin.blogspot.com/2005/01/nineteen-theses-on-literature.html):

    A few days ago, in an ongoing correspondence with a virtual pen-pal, I noted that for some of us, as Mark Edmundson posits in Why Read?, for example, literature, the "good stuff," the stuff to which we return again and again, is a religion of sorts. According to Edmundson:

    "[I]t is possible for some of us, and maybe more than some, to use secular writing as the preeminent means for shaping our lives. That means that we might construct ourselves from novels, poems, and plays, as well as from works of history and philosophy, in the way that our ancestors constructed themselves (and were constructed) by the Bible and other sacred texts."


    Reading literature saves some of us, I continued. (It also maps the geography of our imaginations, defines and redefines our perceptions of self, and begins to answer, far more satisfactorily than any other tool, device, or process, the central questions of our existence: Why am I here? What is the nature of being human? Who am I? But I didn't include this assertion in the aforementioned correspondence.)

    Reading literature saves some of us. That's simply some people's truth. It's certainly my truth.

    I like stopping by your blog, Amira. Keep up the reading, writing, thinking, etc.

  2. Thanks MFS. I agree books can save more than just your sanity.

    Truth is taught in far more places than just in scripture.