08 February 2005


What newspapers do you like to read? Really, I want to know. I'm open to anything.

I don't get around to reading online newspapers often enough. I like to read a variety because they present different points of view, but it just takes time. I need to make a list of the good ones to stop by each morning to at least glance over.

I read the Jerusalem Post every morning when I was in Jerusalem. I would also read al-Quds, but my newspaper Arabic is a little rusty right now. Haaretz is another good Israeli newspaper. I do read the Deseret News most days, since I was raised on it. I've not been reading the Idaho Statesman since we moved from Boise. The New York Post, New York Times, and the Washington Post (as I recall, you can't get the Wall Street Journal free online) are all worthwhile. I used to have a list of Middle Eastern newspapers to read, but that was several computers ago.

I think it's especially important to read foreign newspapers, and I haven't been. I'll ask it again: What newspapers do you like to read?

1 comment:

  1. Deseret, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, BBC, AZFamily, Eonline (yes, I'm THAT shallow), Church News, and NPR. Deseret and NPR are my favorite.

    When there is a particular news piece I want to "read" another perspective of, I hunt down info on Google News and go directly to the source. I enjoy many pieces found in WSJ and WashTimes - but they usually get to my email box from other readers/friends before I've had time to find them on my own.