14 February 2005

Mormons, Islam, and Other Issues

There is a rather interesting discussion right now on the WTM boards about Mormons and Christians. Since I don't quite think that is the right forum for the discussion, and since Julie, as usual, got there first and said what I think quite clearly, I'll just write a little more about it here.

The biggest problem with discussions like these is that most of the participants are already convinced that they are right. I'm quite sure that I couldn't convince many of the ladies there that I am Christian (defined as a belief and worship of Christ as my Savior and my God), and they certainly won't make me think I'm not Christian.

This happens often with Islam. People are often quite surprised when I say that I like and respect Islam. Many have an idea of Islam of being an oppressive, violent religion. Certainly there are passages in the Qur'an that could be interpreted violently- there are plenty of similar passages in the Bible. The book of Joshua is not a shining example of turning the other cheek.

Many of the problems people have with Islam stem from cultural traditions, not religions doctrine. The Qur'an does not require than women wear the veil. It does not require than women have to ask their husbands before they leave the house. Millions of Muslims don't believe that. But that's the type of Islam that is often presented.

The same thing happens with the LDS Church. There are plenty of statements that have been made by members of the Church that do not represent Church doctrine, but they are sometimes presented as Church doctrine. I amuses me when someone says to me "Mormons believe such-and-such," when no Mormon I know actually believes that particular thing. It is also amusing when I read that Mormons don't know what they believe. I know exactly what I believe. :)

ASK someone of a particular religion before you make any judgments. Ask more than one person if you can- there will be differences among the members of any religion. I cannot tell you how many Muslims I've talked to. It has been invaluable, and I know it has enriched my religious experience.


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  2. I appreciate this post. I don't have a problem with someone who disagrees with my beliefs. I do have a problem when they misconstrue them or tell me that I don't know what my religion believes.