24 February 2005

LDS Women's Group Blogs (skip this one to get to non-LDS stuff)

I enjoy many of the LDS group blogs out there. They're handy because they get lots of traffic and often have new posts. I think M* has an excellent chance of becoming my favorite if they continue with such interesting posts. It seems to be a friendly place. Still, it doesn't have many women posting or commenting.

There are a few group blogs with mostly women posting and commenting- Feminist Mormon Housewives and Various Stages of Mormondom are two I'm aware of. I'd love to read another group blog done by women- one that doesn't focus solely on women's issues or on the LDS Church. I'd like to read something that discusses a variety of issues from an LDS woman's perspective. VSOM does come closer to that, but it's more about the Church than what I'm looking for.

I've been thinking about who I'd like to see on a blog like this. (I'm not including anyone already on a group blog, even though it pains me to leave some of them out.) Here are some that I've come up with:

Peggy Snow Cahill
Melissa Madsen Fox
Mary Sevier
Heather P.

Would you like to see a blog like this? Who else would you add?


  1. Glad you like M*, Amira. We're working on the male/female ratio -- we've been acutely aware of the imbalance from the beginning.

    I realize this isn't exactly the question you're asking, but if you're ever looking for a discussion of a particular topic with a different audience than you get here (this is a great blog, btw), feel free to submit a post to us. I'd love to see a post from you.

  2. I'm pretty sure Cooper is a female.

  3. Hi Amira, have you considered BCC? We have the highest female-to-male ratio of any large LDS blog (6 of our 14 permabloggers are female, and the percentage of actual posts done by women is even higher).

    I've also noticed that we're not on your sidebar, and vice versa. Let's both remedy that.

    I second the vote for Heather P., by the way. It's hard though to think of people that aren't already affiliated with one blog or another.

  4. As a lurker on most all the Bloggernacle's group blogs, as well as some of the individual LDS blogs and two LDS message boards, I'd like to see Nauvoo's everydaygrace and VeritasLiberat on a group blog of LDS women. And you, of course, Amira!

  5. I forgot about cooper. I'd definitely add her to my list.

    Steve, I do enjoy reading BCC. I've just rarely felt comfortable posting there.

    I've not read the LDS message boards much. I guess it's something else to add.

    Thanks for your comments, everyone.

  6. Amira, I'd like to hear more about what makes you feel uncomfortable, but I don't want to threadjack. Why don't you drop me an email, at steve (dot) evans at gmail (dot) com?

  7. It would be fun to have you on a group blog! I also think you would like Renee, although she already has two blogs! ;)

  8. Steve, I think it's more that I'm just not quite used to the group dynamic at BCC. It took me a long time to get somewhat familiar with T&S. I've noticed others mentioning this too about group blogs. BCC is also a bit more liberal than I am, which probably adds to it. Two things I like about BCC is that you genuinely seem to enjoy each other, and the posts are generally quite thoughtful.

    I'm not too picky about thread-jacking. And I'll add you to the sidebar.

  9. Always thrilled to see my name in print! One LDS female blogger I enjoy greatly is Mary Adams, at By Study and Also by Faith (http://bystudyandalsobyfaith.blogspot.com/) and another is Kim Bell at Gemini Moon (http://kcrgem.blogspot.com/), and of course, Arwyn, from Imagination's Fool (http://arwynevenstar.blogspot.com/).
    I must say I agree with you about Millenial Star. I think I much prefer it to the other two group blogs so far. They seems to have less speculation (the-just-how-far-can-I-stick-my-toe-over-the-line-before-I've-actually-crossed-it game). I have greatly enjoyed what I've read there, particularly Jonathan Max Wilson's writings.

  10. Peggy, thanks for the other blog suggestions. I'll be reading them.

  11. Thanks, Rusty for the nod! And yes, I am female. It would be interesting to see a heavy sided female group blog - however - as Amira states, I'd like to see it go in different directions than those already in existance.

    In the bloggernacle I'm known by many as cooper. At my blog I'm known as chronicler.

  12. I agree with you too Amira, I would love to see a group blog done by women, but that wasn't totally talking about church issues. I actually stay away from both BCC and T&S for the most part.

  13. What direction would you like to see a women's blog go?

    (I'm not asking because I'm thinking of starting one, I'm just imagining what it would be like.)

    Nice to get to know you a little better from your blog, cooper.

  14. Oh I don't know Amira. I guess it would be good to talk about gospel topics but also about our world view.

    Most of the femblogs have an edgy side to them and I'd like to see if there isn't probably another edge to explore, I guess.

    Not cutesy, gushy, or how do you say - molly stuff - so much, but there is a gap between the two descriptives.


  15. Amira

    Wow, I am flattered! That's so nice of you to say. I enjoy so many LDS women writers of these blogs and I don't know if I compare, but I would be open to being part of a group blog possibly...

  16. actually if you want to hear ranting and raving about childbirth, breastfeeding and modern medicine, I am your woman, lol...a few other issues too....

  17. Amira, will you e-mail me? gardnera@netutah.com

    I promise not to write back too much. :)

  18. Peggy, thanks for mentioning my blog. I'm a relative newcomer to blogging and am still finding my way. I have enjoyed the adventure of finding new blogs to read, as well.

  19. I think this is a great idea. If you start one, let me know because it would definitely be one that I'd want to visit.

    There are just not enough female perspectives out in the Bloggernacle.