11 February 2005

Healthy Eating

Where did we get the idea that "healthy" eating has to be expensive? I see this over and over in all sorts of places. Is it just a convenient justification- "Oh, it's just too expensive to eat healthy foods, so I don't"? Or have we really been convinced that we have to fork out piles of money simply to feed our families good, healthy food?

I completely disagree with the idea. First, though, I don't consider "organic" to be essential to healthy eating. If you do, then we're not going to agree and you're probably going to have to spend a lot of money to feed your family well (of course, a garden goes a very long way here). To me, healthy eating consists of eating a wide variety of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits, along with a few other things in moderation.

I believe that my family eats healthy foods. We also spend less than nearly everyone I have ever known on our food. 30 dollars a week is comfortable for us. We went down to $10/week for fresh fruits and vegetables when my husband was laid off.

To me, healthy eating requires more skill than money. It takes time to learn how to cook new foods. It's not something that we learn at home anymore. Many people don't know how to bake whole grain bread, cook dried beans, to make lentils taste good (my mother definitely did not know how to do the lentils).

It's taken about 6 years to get to the point where I can get a healthy meal put together every night without it taking too much work. I've tested recipes, learned new techniques, and gotten very frustrated at times. But it's paid off.
Added note: I had this post ready to go before the conversation about inexpensive meals came up at WTM. This post actually had nothing to do with that and is certainly not aimed at anyone. I'll be posting a few of my favorite inexpensive recipes this morning.


  1. Thanks for posting these recipes! They all look wonderful!

  2. 30 a week? I'm impressed! I'd like to see your grocery list and meals for a week if that isn't asking too much.