11 January 2005

The Politics of American Religious Identity

I just finished The Politics of American Religious Identity by Kathleen Flake. Now I'm waiting for her 12 Answers to be posted over at Times and Seasons, since that was where I first heard about the book. However, this is not an exclusively religious book. I found the political side to be just as interesting, if not more so. It is difficult today to imagine the general population of the US trying to oust a senator, and having the Senate actually hold hearings on such a matter.

It was a rather quick read, and enjoyable. It would appeal to people who aren't Mormons also, if they were interested in American politics of that time period. I don't care to analyze this book, since that has been done in other places by people more intelligent than I am, but I am wondering about a few things after reading this.

My main thought after reading this book (since other questions look like they'll be answered on T&S) is whether we as a Church could be asked in the future to do something that is against the laws of the land. The Church practiced polygamy for a long time in defiance of the law. It could happen again, even though at this point it doesn't seem likely. The Church was a very different being one hundred years ago, and I can't pretend to know what it will be like in the future.

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